U19C1 Boys Advance to State Final, Lose on PKs
Coach Lahr may retire

“We take ‘em one game at a time”, said Lahr, when asked about his career coaching the 92/93 boys with NSSA. “It’s not about me.” Lahr learned his craft as an assistant coach for the boys during the 2002 Fall Traveling Season, when the boys were U10 and taking first steps into the MYSA traveling leagues. Since then, he has selflessly guided this group of boys, as diligent manager and, when necessary, head coach, through hundreds of games and training sessions, culminating in the State Championship game Sunday night.

Nevertheless, veterans within the Club had become increasingly concerned that the boys were tiring of Coach Lahr’s laissez-faire coaching approach, and a movement was afoot to replace Lahr for future seasons. These actions were suspended when Lahr pointed out that MYSA leagues end at U19 and he was eager to hang up his player passes.
After promotion to C1 for the 2012 season, the NSSA boys won the North League with a record of 5 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw. On Saturday, in the State semi-finals, NSSA disposed of Eden Prairie by a score of 4-2. Then on Sunday, versus Kelix, the boys played to a 0-0 draw in regulation before succumbing to their opponent in penalty kicks. The 2012 roster for the 92/93 age group includes many young men that have played over a decade with NSSA.
NSSA salutes the 92/93 boys for their years of work and dedication to the sport of soccer. NSSA salutes Tom Lahr for his perseverance and devotion to these boys – and now congratulates him on his retirement! Thank you boys! Thank you Tom!