Registration FAQs
Question: "Can my child play both in-house and traveling?"

Answer: A player may not play both Traveling and In-House. An in-house player may participate in competitive games via RecPlayUp and RecPlus passes. An in-house team that also registers as a RecPlus team, can participate in competitive tournaments. Please check the MYSA rules.

Question: "How do I know when to register?"

Answer: Significant registration dates are documented in NSSA's calendar on this Web site.

**Please remember the registration dates that affect you are the ones listed on the NSSA calendar and NOT the ones listed on the MYSA calendar.**

If you have further questions, please contact the Traveling Director (Boys or Girls), the In-House Director (Boys or Girls) or the President of NSSA.


Question: "How does my child get a player pass in order to compete in MYSA sanctioned tournaments and traveling games?"

Answer: All players and adults registered on RecPlus, Tournament Only and Traveling teams receive passes. MYSA prints the passes, the NSSA Registrar distributes the passes to the registered adult in charge of each team. In the case of RecPlayUp passes, the Traveling Director (Boys or Girls) requests the Registrar to request from MYSA the RecPlayUp pass. The RecPlayUp pass is usually forwarded to the Traveling team's manager that requested the RecPlayUp pass.


Question: "How many players are on a team and how many play at a time?"

Answer: The number of players on a team changes as per documented in the FIFA and MYSA rules. The NSSA Registrar can not register a team with less than the minimum number of players as specified by MYSA. Approval from the Club President is required in order to "over-roster players" for traveling teams.


  Under 9 Under 10 Under 11 Under 12 Under 13

(Field players +
goal keeper)


6 vs. 6


6 vs. 6


8 vs. 8


8 vs. 8

11 vs. 11


Team Size
(Total Number of
players roistered
on a team)

Min: 8


Max: 12

Min: 8


Max: 12

Min: 10


Max: 14

Min: 10


Max: 14

Min: 11




Question: "What are the rules about transferring to another team or another club?"

Answer: The rules for a Traveling player to transfer to another team or club are defined by MYSA. Please see the MYSA rules manual. In general, a player is allowed (by MYSA) to transfer from one competitive team to another if the receiving team is at a higher playing level or higher age level. For example, a U14GC2 player is usually able to transfer to a U14GC1 or U15GC2 team. Please ask your In-House Director (Boys or Girls) if you want to transfer to a different In-House team.


Question: "What information do I have to provide to register my child?"

Answer: The NSSA's online registration system first collects information (name, address, contact information) for parent(s) or guardian(s), and in the next step collects information (name, gender, birth date, school) of each player the parents or guardians are registering for a soccer program. MYSA rules require the NSSA Registrar to have on file a valid readable proof of age, so if you have not previously registered your child with NSSA, you will need to send a copy of proof of age (normally a birth certificate) to NSSA at its address: NSSA, POB 130490, Roseville MN 55113. A proof of age may not be on file even if the participant previously played with NSSA. The Registrar is not allowed to registrar a participant without a proof of age on file.


Question: "What is the procedure for placing a player on a specific team?"

Answer: NSSA does not generally permit "placing" players on specific traveling teams. Players seeking to join a Traveling team must tryout at the announced dates and locations of tryouts (normally held in August or September for the following summer team). The only exception is for U10 players who are not required to tryout to play on a Traveling team.

NSSA has adopted an In-House team formation policy. To review the policy, click below:

NSSA In-House Team Formation Policy

In summary, U7 to U12 players may request to play with a friend on an In-House team, but no coach requests will be honored for these age groups. U13-U18 players may request up to three friends to be placed with the player on an In-House team and may also request a specific coach. The registrant should write any special request in the "Request" field on the Player Information page when registering online. NSSA is unable to guarantee that all "special requests" will be met in forming In-House teams.


Question: "What is the schedule for In-House (Recreational) registration?

Answer: Please monitor the NSSA website for this information. Letters and forms regarding the next summer's In-House season are usually mailed in late December or early January. The registration deadline is normally in early February, to enable NSSA to form teams well in advance of the season. Walk-in registrations are usually held in late January.


Question: "When is a player registered?"

Answer: In-House and Traveling players are registered with NSSA when the online registration has been completed and payment has been received by NSSA. If payment is being made by mailing in a check, registration is not complete until the check is received. Following registration with NSSA, the NSSA registrar will submit the names of registered players to MYSA. The In-House directors and/or age level coordinators assign players to teams, but that occurs separate from "registration."

MYSA answers the question as follows: "A player is registered to an Affiliate Member or Extraterritorial Member the moment the player (or for a player less than 18 years of age, the player’s parent or guardian) signs the Affiliate Members or Extraterritorial Members registration form and submits the fees required by the Affiliate Member or Extraterritorial Member."


Question: "When should I receive information?"

Answer: Players trying out for a Traveling team are normally notified within a few weeks following the last tryout date. In-House teams will be formed during February and March, and you should receive a call from the team coach by mid-April. If you have further questions, please contact the Traveling Director (Boys or Girls), the In-House Director (Boys or Girls) or the President of NSSA.


Question: "Where can I get a copy of my team's roster?"

Answer: NSSA protection policy prohibits making rosters publicly available on the Web site. NSSA protection policy prevents providing a team's roster to any adult who is not registered for the current soccer season. Unofficial rosters (generated by the NSSA Registrar) and the official MYSA printed team rosters are provided to each team's registered team contact. Please see your team's coach or manager for roster information. Coaches of In-House teams do not receive their rosters from the respective In-House Director or Age Group Coordinator. No In-House rosters are distributed by MYSA or the NSSA Registrar.


Question: "Which adults must register and how often do they have to register?"

Answer: The following is reproduced from the MYSA Risk Management discussion. "Any adult that works with youth players must fill out and have notarized an Adult Registration/Informed Consent form. This form is then given to your club Risk Manager or Registrar. No pass will be issued to any adult that does not fill out the form.

All adults are run through the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension files a minimum of four times a soccer year. For more information, contact Dave Ericson, MYSA Vice President of Administration, at 651-451-3950 or mysavpad@mnyouthsoccer.org

Therefore: All NSSA coaches, managers and assistants are required to be registered with MYSA every "soccer" year. The MYSA soccer year starts September 1st and ends August 30th. The adult registers by completing the MYSA Adult registration form and please send the notarized form to the NSSA mailing address



Question: "Why is my ten year old a U11, but his ten year old best friend in school is a U10?"

Answer: The soccer age is determined by the soccer year (August 1 to July 31) specified by the MYSA. The soccer age must be followed for competitive (RecPlus, Tournament Only and Traveling) players. Please see the MYSA Birthyear Guidelines below to determine the "soccer" age group for your child:

Age Group Birthdate Guidelines

The placement of players on In-House teams is not strictly governed by the birthyear guidelines published by MYSA. For example, a U13 player could be placed on an In-House U12 team if the director of In-House or age level coordinator determines it is appropriate.

WARNING: RecPlus teams must abide by the same rules as traveling teams. Therefore, over-age participants can not be placed on RecPlus teams.


Question: "What are the age ranges for RecPlus, Tournament Only and Traveling?"

Answer: Competitive (RecPlus, Tournament Only & Traveling) soccer groups players by date of birth and not school grade. A player's soccer age is determined by their age on August 1st. Please see the MYSA Birthyear Guidelines to determine which age group.

**WARNING: RecPlus teams must abide by the same rules as traveling teams. Therefore, over-age participants can not be placed on RecPlus teams.**