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To register for our programs, please read the following information and then click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Current Programs Available for Registration: (updated 06.08.15)

1) Name of Program: Competitive Team Acceptance Fee for Fall 2015/Summer 2016

2) Name of Program: Player Identification (Tryouts) - Competitive 2016 (U9-18)
Season: Summer 2016   Cost: $35*

3) Name of Program: Friday Night Futsal Session I  (starts Nov. 6)
Sessions: 10 weeks, 1-hour each, Island Lake Elementary, Cost: $105
Session I: U9/10
Session I: U11/12
Session I: U13-15

4) Name of Program: Friday Night Futsal Session II (starts Feb. 5)
Sessions: 9 weeks, 1-hour each, Island Lake Elementary, Cost: $95
Session II: U9/10
Session II: U11/12
Session II: U13-15

5) Name of Program: U9/U10 Player Identification Round Up
Season: Winter 2015/Summer 2016   Cost: $35*
Fee is non-refundable and does not bind you to NSSA.

6) Name of Program: FST Strikes & Saves
Season: Winter 2015   Cost: $125
U9-12 Strikes & Saves - Goalkeeper
U13-18 Strikes & Saves - Goalkeeper
U9-12 Strikes & Saves - Striker
U13-18 Strikes & Saves - Striker

7) Name of Program: FST 
Season: Winter 2015   Cost: $125
U9/10 Boys 
U9/10 Girls
U11/12 Boys
U11/12 GIrls
U13 -18 Boys & Girls

8) Name of Program: STORM Jr. Academy
Session I: U5/6, Cost: $115
Session I: U7/8, Cost: $115
Session II: U5/6, Cost: $115
Session II: U7/8, Cost: $115
Session I & II: U5/6, Cost: $215
Session I & II: U7/8, Cost: $215

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Financial assistance is available for NSSA's recreational and competitive programs. Please click the link in the left sidebar for additional information

Make Payments / Update Personal Information

Please use this link to make payments or update your personal information (phone, address, insurance, etc.)

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Registration - General Information

All players must register through the NSSA Online Registration System. Click on one of the link at the bottom of this page to begin.

We’ll send you a registration confirmation email once your payment is received. Please ensure your email address is correct when registering.

Please contact the appropriate NSSA Competitive or Recreational director, if you are unable to register online for any reason. Payment may be made by credit card through the secure online payment system provided, or by mailing a check to NSSA at POB 130490 Roseville MN 55113.

For players new to NSSA, birth dates must be confirmed by sending a copy of proof of age (usually a birth certificate) by mail to NSSA at POB 130490 Roseville MN 55113.

Wondering the "soccer age" of your child? If so, click on this link:  Age Group Birthdate Guidelines

Registration Agreement and Release of Liability:
PARENT/GUARDIAN AGREEMENT I, the parent/guardian of the registrant, a minor, understand and agree to the following terms effective upon submission of this online registration to NSSA: (1) NO REFUNDS will be available, (2) I grant NSSA the right to use and publish pictures containing the registrant, (3) I agree to not sue NSSA or any NSSA board member, officer, employee or agent acting in the scope of his or her duties; (4) I have read and understand the Player and Adult Protection Guidelines and the NSSA Privacy Policy (posted on this web site), (4) I agree to abide by the rules of the USYSA, MYSA and NSSA, and (5) I agree that the registrant is to play for NSSA and no other soccer club for the registered soccer season as per MYSA guidelines. Recognizing the possibility of physical injury associated with the game of soccer and, in consideration for the USYSA, MYSA and/or NSSA accepting the registrant for its soccer programs and activities, I hereby release, discharge, and/or otherwise indemnify USYSA, MYSA and NSSA, their affiliated organizations and sponsors, their employees, directors, members, agents and associated personnel, including the owners of the fields and facilities used by NSSA, against any and all claims by, or on behalf of, the registrant as a result of the registrant’s participation in NSSA programs and/or being transported to and from the same, which transportation I hereby authorize, including any and all claims for injuries, damages or other losses.

By clicking the link below and registering online, I agree to the above "Registration Agreement and Release of Liability."

Click here to access the NSSA Online Registration & Payment System