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Academy PLUS Program

Enhanced training and development for top-level players and teams.

Make your strengths stronger. Smash weaknesses. Build a dominant mindset.

The NSSA PLUS Program provides supplemental development opportunities for players and teams that want to make soccer a significant part of their life. Beyond traditional training, PLUS players and teams benefit from programming built for holistic player development, including: footwork, technique, physicality, speed, soccer IQ and decision-making. 

Many Minnesota soccer players currently seek these opportunities from outside clinics and trainers. By embedding them in our existing program, we aim to save families time and money — while developing better soccer players, athletes and people. Prior to the beginning of the season, teams will be designated as PLUS teams. In addition, players not on PLUS teams will have the opportunity to sign up for PLUS sessions on an a la carte basis.

All PLUS Program activities are designed to fit into the NSSA ethos and methodology — building skills and techniques that directly apply to how we compete on the field.

Technical Zone (TZ)

Technical Zone is a training program that enables players to receive thousands of touches on the ball in a fast-paced and engaging environment. TZ promotes a player's overall technique and comfort on the ball intermediate and advanced footwork. Similar training programs outside NSSA cost $800.

  • 5-week fall program
  • 10-week winter program
  • 5-week spring program
  • 5-week summer program
  • Additional cost of program - $250 total

Speed and Agility

Our Speed and Agility sessions will piggyback on training sessions for PLUS teams. The focus on enhancing soccer-specific movements, skills and decisions that take a player's game to the next level. Players who participate can expect to see improvements in off-ball movement, foot speed, tight space ball skills and speed of thought.

  • 3 programs throughout the year. 
  • Program piggybacks on training sessions of PLUS teams
  • 45-minute sessions
  • $300 for the year or $125 per session

Film Study

Once per month, PLUS teams will participate film sessions that break down on-field progressions in play, decisions and movements. We believe film study provides a great opportunity for players to really visualize the game, develop a higher soccer IQ and improve communication. 

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