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At Home Training & Development

North Suburban has created an at-home training program to continue to develop and improve ourselves technically, tactically and physically during this time away from our teams and the field.  Details for each of these elements is outlined below.  If you have any questions about NSSA training, please contact our Director of Coaching, Katelynn Fast.

Registering & Zoom Participation Preparation:

How to Register:

  1.  Click the age group link under the "zoom registration" column.
  2. Select all dates you would like to participate.  Players can register for 1, 2 or all 3 sessions at once.
  3. Check your email for a registration confirmation and link to the zoom session.
  4. Once it is time for your session, click the link emailed and enter the password sent within the email confirmation.

Participation Prep:

  1. Players will need an inflated ball, paper and a writing utensil to track their scores.  Water is recommended to have near your training space.
  2. Determine a 5x5 training area around your home or yard.
  3. Confirm internet or WIFI works in the location selected.
  4. Come ready to work hard!

Age Group training is optional, yet highly recommended.

*If a training time does not work for a player's age group/gender, please reach out and we will work with you to find the best alternative group to train with.

Goalkeeper Training

Weekly Technical Training Sessions

At-Home Homework Log & Extra Training Resources

For players looking for additional training material and opportunities, please find the at-home training log and additional homework sheet to "create your own sessions."

Weekly Footskill Challenge

Submit your weekly footskill challenge on North Suburban's Facebook page or Instagram to be entered into weekly drawings for NSSA swag!

Week 7 Footskill Challenge: Drag Pop Up

Week 6 Footskill Challenge: Heel Pop Up

Week 5 Footskill Challenge: Around the World

Week 4 Footskill Challenge: The Rainbow

Week 3 Footskill Challenge: Over the Head Juggle

Week 2 Footskill Challenge: The Footstall

Week 1 Footskill Challenge: The Pancake

Overall Juggling Winner

Player Name Age Group Total Juggles
Amy W. 2008 1,100



Age Group Winners

Player Name Age Group Total Juggles
Max G. 2003 418
Carmella S. 2004 469
Sulemon L. 2005 697
Lydia F. 2006 478
Isaiah W. 2007 235
Amy W. 2008 1100
Hunter W. 2009 45
Alex D. 2010 48

Week 4 Club-wide Juggling Competition

Week 4 is a celebration of North Suburban players implementing, improving and/or creating a routine habit of individual training and efforts at home.

As a celebration, players have the opportunity to compete against their own age group in a juggling competition.  There will be a winner within each age group AND a grand prize winner for the overall highest juggling record.


  1. Juggling surface used is primarily feet.  Thighs, head, chest can be used to help control the ball but are not to be used as the primary surface for juggling.
  2. No more than 3 consecutive juggles with a body part other than feet.
  3. Once the ball hits the ground, record your number of juggles and submit or try again for a higher score!
  4. Juggling must be confirmed through completing the juggling submission form by the deadline.
  5. Video tape yourself juggling and submit with the form.
  6. Juggling attempts must take place between April 20 - 26. Juggling records prior to April 20  cannot be submitted.


All submissions due by Sunday evening, April 26 at 9 pm