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2018-2019 Competitive Teams & Team Plans


Please accept your player’s roster position within 48 hours by registering and making your initial payment. Failure to respond in the timeframe outlined may result in an alternate player taking your spot on the team.

CLUB FEES: You will find Fee Information here to help you to understand your financial commitment:

TEAM FEES: In addition, to the club costs outlined in the Club Registration Fee, there is also a “Team Fee” attached to each team. These costs can include scrimmages, winter leagues, tournaments, player & coach travel and other miscellaneous costs. These fees are divided evenly across all players (except where agreed upon prior to registration.


PAYMENTS: NSSA provides the opportunity to pay the full amount of your Club Fee online at registration or to select a payment plan. We offer two Payment Plan Options:

  1. PLAN A: Automatic monthly deductions from your bank account (or credit card). Payments on the plan begin September 15, 2018 and are complete April 15, 2019. This plan is for the club fee amount minus the initial payment. 
  2. PLAN B: Fees are divided into 4 installments with the first installment collected upon conclusion of your registration session. The remaining balance will be automatically deducted on November 15, February 15 and April 15. 


Please be sure you select the correct registration link: 2018-2019 COMPETITIVE PROGRAM


Be sure you select the correct registration link for the U9/10 COMPETITIVE FALL & EARLY WINTER PROGRAM

2018-2019 TEAMS

Players are listed by their tryout jersey number and first and last initial.

Season plans for each boys and girls age group and team can be found in the tables at the bottom of this page.

SPECIAL NOTE: You may not see your number listed until both age groups have concluded their tryout.

TEAM PLANS FOR 2018-2019

This section presents information about team expectations for each age and playing level for the 2018-2019 competitive soccer season. For any questions on these expectations, please contact Katelynn or Jacob Fast,