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Weather Guidelines & Game Cancellations

MYSA Guidelines and NSSA procedures for game cancellations and reschedules.


If NSSA's fields are closed, you will receive a confirmation from me. Please familiarize yourself with MYSA's weather policies and guidelines.

Below is a reminder of the MYSA weather guidelines. Please note that final determination on whether to suspend or reschedules games is a club decision as weather will vary by site.

Cold Index          


46° and higher  

No Change

45° and lower

Allowable Additional Clothing:
1. Layered beneath uniform (i.e. long sleeves, long pants, additional socks)

2. Gloves or mittens

3. Stocking caps without straps

4. Sweat pants or shirts [MYSA Rule 7.4.1.e] may be worn underneath the uniform, in the case of extremely cold weather, provided the entire team uses the same color sweats.

5. Jackets may be worn under the uniform so that referees can see the player's number in the event of a card being issued.
Clothing NOT Allowed:

1. Hooded sweatshirts (hoods and strings present possibility of being grabbed)

2. Ear muffs plastic or metal part crossing top of head presents potential hazard (headbands OK).

3. Scarves (Isadora Duncan Syndrome) 

40° and lower  

Shorten games five minutes per half. 

35° and lower  

Suspend games


Complete instructions on the game rescheduling process can be found on pages 17- 22 of the Affinity Team Manager Handbook (see attached).

In the event that a league game needs to be rescheduled, please follow these steps:

  • Contact the other team manager or coach to select another day. The contact information for each opposing team can be found by clicking on the name of the team in the schedule window.
  • In collaboration with your opponent, identify 2-3 days that will work for both teams.
  • Rescheduling NSSA Home Games: Contact Merry Hilger ( with the 3 alternate game days and she will find you an available field and schedule referees. or can switch the game to an available field. You then will follow the same procedure in Affinity that you followed during the 2-week rescheduling period.
  • Do NOT contact the NSSA Field Coordinator to reschedule home games.
  • Rescheduling NSSA Away Games: The opposing team’s coach will initiate the reschedule. Do NOT contact the NSSA Referee Assigner, or the NSSA Field Coordinator.
  • Once a date, venue and time has been provided, you can follow the Affinity process. 


  • IF YOU DO NOT receive a match cancellation before kick-off, all match cancellations are determined at the field by the match officials. If you do not attempt to play a match that was not officially cancelled, you will receive a forfeit and the team must pay the fine. 
  • If our home matches are cancelled, Team Managers must reach out to opponents asap in order to inform them of the cancellation. Please call them (try coach and manager) and leave voice mail for each if you don’t reach them directly. This is particularly important for teams traveling distances.
  • Please also let your team members know via every method possible (e.g., SportsEngine, Team Snap, Email, text messages). Remember: Not everybody has access or checks everything.