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NSSA Competitive Soccer Program

NSSA Competitive Soccer Program

Our competitive program strives to instill a love for the game in each of our players. Our promise to members is to provide an environment where each player may participate according to his or her interest, ability and ambition. We develop our players and teams to their fullest potential by challenging them physically, mentally, technically and tactically.  

2022-2023 Tryouts | July 23& 24 | University of Northwestern
2022-2023 Tryouts | July 30 & 31 | Roseville Area High School

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Regardless of the level of play and age group, our competitive coaching team is committed to a consistent set of core soccer beliefs. Shortcuts lead to sacrifices. And NSSA is not willing to sacrifice player development. This is how we play:

  • Focusing on activities that force players to think critically and continually solve problems
  • Creating strong possession habits
  • Developing players who are comfortable on the ball
  • Judging our success on many different metrics as opposed to just the wins/losses

Program Breakdown by Team Level

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Competitive Pathway


Although NSSA holds tryoutsand places players on teams in July/August, we happily welcome new members throughout the calendar year. If you’re interested in attending a training session to see if our club is a good fit for you, contact our Director of Coaching and Player Development, Joe Voeller (  


There are unending debates in youth soccer about winning versus player development. While we want to win, a winning mentality is ultimately what we strive to teach. Competition within training environments even further excels the developmental process.  Winning and development will always go hand in hand. Our developmental pathway is one where we strive to be different from our opponent. That means different in our style, our decision making, our composure and our thought process. This method has proven to produce intelligent players that understand a number of different situations and tackle any scenario.

Our coaches encourage players to take more risks because life’s best lessons are learned from our mistakes. With mistakes come struggles and with struggles come learning and with learning comes growth. We use games to apply training objectives constantly taught throughout the year. We allow players the freedom to be creative in-game environments without fear. Put all this together and you get a place where we are developing soccer players and more importantly people.